Storage Tips



  • Make sure that all goods are clean and dry before being packed to prevent mold.
  • Dismantle knock-down items or furniture, this will make handling easier and aid efficient utalisation of your storage space, be sure to package any bolts and screws from this item.
  • Smaller goods can be wrapped and placed inside furniture or other larger appliances
  • Wrap furniture to protect from dust
  • Wrap fragile goods with bubble wrap and seal to prevent from braking
  • Make sure everything is well dry before placing it into your storage space to prevent mold
  • If you are planning to store clothes, linens, other fabrics, sofas, mattress
    1) They should be completely dry, free of any moisture.
    2) We recommend that they are wrapped and sealed, 
    3) We recommend the use of naphthalene balls to keep the fabric safe
  • All wooden furniture should be treated with anti-termite product such as Latrek 400EC or Agenda 25EC  prior to storing
  • When storing lawn and garden equipment, drain any fluid storage to avoid corrosive damage
  • Items such as stoves or refrigerators use protective covers before storing
  • When storing business files and inventory, label all boxes and construct aisles so files are easily seen and accessible
  • Cardboard boxes should be sealed with sellotape prior to being placed into your storage space
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  • Label Boxes for easy identification
  • Put signs like fragile, up down, etc
  • Put labels and signs on all sides
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  • Place heavier items lower and fragile item upper side
  • Make sure that boxes are placed firmly and don’t fall
  • Place frequently accessed items towards the front
  • If needed, leave aisle or walkway down the centre for easy access
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  • Do not store perishable materials, living creatures, combustible or flammable material, explosive, chemical, any items with fumes, smell or odor, any illegal items or goods obtain illegally, compressed gases and any item of high value requiring specialist storage (including jewelry, money, bullion, deeds, bonds, securities, stamps, antiques, fine art, fine wines)
  • Do not store fresh food - Ants and other insects could do a lot of damage trying to reach it
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  • Use high quality padlock that can be purchased direct from T4 Self Storage or in reputable hardware store
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